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Insulated Containers

General Information

Insulated containers are essentially refrigerated containers, but they do not have their own refrigeration unit. Instead, they are supplied with cold air through two valve openings in the front end by external cooling devices or onboard units. This type of container is also known as a "Porthole Unit."

Since this type of container has not been produced for many years, used containers are typically the only option available. Therefore, refrigerated containers with defective or partially defective refrigeration units are repurposed as insulated containers. In this process, the refrigeration unit is usually completely removed, and the open front wall is sealed with original insulated panels.


Insulated containers can be used for a variety of applications, such as:

  • Storage for temperature-sensitive goods.
  • Heat chambers for wood processing (wood drying).
  • Stationary cold storage (see refrigerated containers for stationary use).
  • Shelter for machinery and equipment.


Available Sizes
External Length 6.058 12.192
External Width 2.4382.348
External Height 2.591 2.896
Internal Length 5.650 11.550
Internal Width 2.250 2.250
Internal Height 2.220 2.500
Empty Weight 2.950 kg 4.950 kg
Measurements in millimeters - approximate values, variations are possible.
Available Sizes
External Length 6.058
External Width 2.438
External Height 2.591
Internal Length 5.650
Internal Width 2.250
Internal Height 2.220
Empty Weight 2.950 kg
Available Sizes
External Length 12.192
External Width 2.348
External Height 2.896
Internal Length 11.550
Internal Width 2.250
Internal Height 2.500
Empty Weight 4.950 kg
Measurements in millimeters - approximate values, variations are possible.

Additional Services

We can offer additional services for insulated containers, including:

  • New color customization in the RAL color of your choice.
  • Electrical installation (lighting, power outlets, etc.).
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